Last updated: 2020-09-05

New Features

Schedule emails - up to 72 hours in advance, choose when you want your email to be sent.

Permanent delete - delete your messages forever

New Email Host - hopefully this should fix some issues we've been having. If you notice you are missing emails, check

SendGrid - We now use sendgrid instead of smtp2go

Add attatchments to emails

Mobile interface - the new design has been optimized for mobile devices

Live markdown editor - just like

Coming soon

Advanced editing pane - with easy buttons to help with formatting

View sent emails


Keyboard Shortcuts - Ctrl+Enter to send a message. Ctrl+N to open a new message. Ctrl+B to syntax bold text (with markdown), and Ctrl+I to syntax italics.

View attatchments

API v1 - demo, pypi, github/source. View my post on repl talk for more info

Paste Images directly into your email message - Images pasted from the clipboard will be uploaded to and embedded in your email message.

Embed repls and more special formatting - More info, and syntax

Email tags - view your deleted emails, pin emails to the top of your list, and mark emails as read/unread

Reply to and forward emails - Basically all it does for now is automatically fill in the subject with an RE: and stuff

Dark theme

Auto-Forward emails to multiple addresses - now, you can set your forward address (in settings) to multiple addresses by seperating them with a semicolon and space. Like so:;

Complete redesign - thanks to rafi the website is looking much better.

Password-protected messages - In the off-chance that someone gains access to your account (and by extension, your account), they will have to enter a password to view messages sent with this feature. It will rely on my pastebin service so that users outside of the ecosystem can also view your secure message.