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Markdown Basic Syntax Guide

Changelog and features

Create linked pages

Now, with a click of a button, anyone can view the document you just created. Markdown and HTML gets rendered from your note and sent to their browser! When you update your note, the link gets updated too!

Optionally, create a link that returns the raw text of your note. This can be used to provide javascript or css files that change when you edit the source!

Insert custom data

When editing a note, you can now use custom expressions. E.g. {{ date }} will be replaced with the current date upon saving the note. Below is a list of all expressions.

\{\{ date \}\} - current date
\{\{ time \}\} - current time
\{\{ js|yourcode \}\} - eval JS and place here. This JS get's executed every time you view the document. Will only work for links, not in-editor
\{\{ counter \}\} or \{\{ counter|text to display \}\} - a unique counter button embedded in your note. adds one every time it is clicked. only displays number of clicks after clicked
More will be added soon!


We use the python-markdown2 package for compiling markdown on linked pages. These are the extras we use. You can view more about them here.